Welcome to a site about nature, politics, news and the nature of politics and news.  The main authors work in politics, communications and health care in and around Washington, DC.  In their spare time, they run, hike, kayak, ski, listen to records, go see bands, and make delicious margaritas among other things.  As there are infinite combinations of delicious trail mixes that include various nuts, fruits, chocolate and other items, they aim to share infinite combinations of DC area outdoor opportunities and also give some delectable political commentary.

The idea for the site came at a time after they had purchased great kayaks and found that the opportunities in the area were nearly limitless but that the online guides, though informative and often fantastic, were equally limitless leaving them without a clear authority to plan an excursion.  Also the “political” one had been contemplating blogging since Al Gore invented the internet.

They don’t claim to be professional outdoor geeks or gearheads, but do love spending time on water, in the woods, and outside in general.  They figured there were lots of folks who thought that the more time they spend surfing the internet, trying to find trails with Google through trees, the less time they’d get to spend outside.  So these are some places they’ve enjoyed and think others will enjoy.  They also plan to create a comprehensive listing of local outdoor sites from local, state and federal governments to local and national nonprofit groups, to other blogs.

The “political” guy will also write up some of his thoughts based on experiences working for Presidential, Congressional, U.S. Senate, state legislative and other campaigns throughout the nation as well his Capitol Hill and state legislative experiences.

Your Capital Trail Mixers

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