5k, Breweries, Overnights, Campfires, and Kayaking

After two Washington Post articles, one by Lori Aratani, the other by Maggie Fazeli Fard mentioning Capital Trail Mix’s April Fools Day post saying that the cherry blossoms would be sold to pay down the national debt, unlike the government, the Capital Trail Mix took a brief hiatus.  Below are some new ideas for stuff to do in the area including a 5k in Arlington this weekend that gets you a free technical shirt and helps an amazing place, the Virginia Hospital Center diabetes education program, a bunch of local breweries if you can’t afford the Savour event, and a great Maryland State Park on the Chesapeake Bay we recently stayed at in a cabin just feet from the bay.              

  • Christopher Carter Memorial 5k, Arlington, VA:  First, this race benefits  the Christopher Carter Foundation, which works with the Virginia Hospital Center Foundation which in part aims to subsidize diabetes education, prevention and treatment at the Virginia Hospital Center, where one half of the Capital Trail Mix Team works.   Got it?  As well as being a great cause, the race is late in the day, at 6:30 pm, which will allow for the heat of summer to fade away and for you to have a great run.  It’s also a smaller race, which will hopefully grow in to a large one over the coming years.  The benefits of a small race like this one include not having to get stuck in a crowd of people when you want to run, and a supportive group of volunteers there to help you from start to finish.  So come on, sign up, and maybe we’ll see you there!
  • The Brew Ridge Trail near Charlottesville, VA: After running the Charlottesville Half Marathon (more on that fun in another post) in April, we headed off to conquer the Brew Ridge Trail.  Though we enjoy wine, we often prefer trying new beers and this was something a bit different from hitting up some more Virginia wineries.  In looking for some stuff to do during our Charlottesville visit, I stumbled upon the trail with its six breweries in and around Charlottesville.  We only made it to two, but we’ll return for more!  We had lunch at the Blue Mountain Brewery and had a sampler of their delicious beers with some pizza that included local lamb sausage.  Yum!  We then headed to Starr Hill, which already knew about because they make some of our favorite beers, including The Love.  We took a great tour there and learned that the brewery used to be a frozen foods factory, and that employees get lots of free beer!  Overall, the Brew Ridge Trail had great beer, nice people, with great mountain views except for when we were inside drinking and touring the brewery.  Could the DC-Maryland-Virginia area soon attempt to steal the mantle of the Napa of Beer from Colorado?
  • Elk Neck State Park, North East, MD:  In early May we stayed in a “mini-cabin” at Elk Neck State Park in Maryland which has two bunk beds and a full size bed with a wash-house about 50 yards away.  There were cabins that had more amenities but this did the trick as just through some trees we were on the Chesapeake Bay.  We hiked about two miles up to the light house which was at the edge of the “neck” in Elk’s Neck.  There was a beach, boat

    The light house at the edge of the neck.

    launch ramps and we made burgers followed by smores in the fire pit where I only burned a small hole in my running shoes.  Many belated thanks to the people that gave us their newspapers for kindling.  We also hit up a roadside crab shack and banged some mallets on some crabs with some other weekenders and locals before devouring some crabs and corn on the cob.  Finally, we kayaked in Havre de Grace on the Susquehenna River at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay after leaving the park.  Next time we go we’ll kayak at Elk Neck.

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