Trail Mix Picks–Say It Ain’t Snow

As holidays creep closer I have eaten my weight in potato latkes and need desperately to hike, ski, and enjoy some winter running while in Texas next week.  There are hikes to be done though and outdoor activities to be enjoyed.  Even if, like me, you fell on your behind while walking down K Street today in front of a law firm’s office who didn’t shovel their portion of the sidewalk (looking for clients?) I hope you’re willing to join me in getting back up and loving the outside.  There’s zoo lights, markets, an AT hike, and pictures of Santa in a kayak after the jump.  There’s much more DC stuff than we’ve posted in awhile but we’re back for now.

  • The Russ Ramble Through SE DC:  The mighty fine folks at Cultural Tourism DC have a hike posted through the Sierra Club with a dude who has one name like Price, Madonna, and some bloggers we know–Russ. Recently we saw Levon Helm at the Beacon Theater in New York with his “midnight ramble” band and the incomparable Betty Lavette.  Russ seems like he’ll take you for a good ramble, if it all works out and it’s what you’re in to.  I guess the Sierra Club is the sponsor of the hike called  “Southeast to Georgetown.” that meets one of the two Navy Yard Metro Station entrances at 200 M Street SE (NW corner of M St. and New Jersey Ave.) Washington, DC, 20003.  Russ’ phone number is (703) 501-7953.  His e-mail is  He asks for $2 for the Sierra Club and I’ve never met so can’t endorse what sounds like a great urban ramble.  The hike is on Saturday, December 18, 2010 from 9:00am – 1:00pm and goes for a 7.5-mile stroll along the Anacostia River, Washington Canal, Potomac River, and C&O Canal. Walk portions of the Anacostia Trail through Riverfront and Diamond Teague parks, around Buzzard Point, and along the Waterfront Promenade. Russ and you will also skirt the Tidal Basin and Jefferson Memorial and walk along the Potomac River to Key Bridge and along the C&O Canal through Georgetown and blissfully end at Foggy Bottom Metro Station some hours later.  Tours with Russ is housed at 3515 Washington Blvd #415, Arlington, VA, 22201.
  • AT Hike:  Our second to last hike on the 41 mile stretch of the Maryland section of the Appalachian Trail was easy, awesome and a bit longer than our 6 miler last time.  We doubled it and added a quarter to half a mile more.  This time we started at Maryland’s gorgeous Gathland State Park which was the former home of a Civil War Correspondent named, you may have guessed it, Gathland.  We headed South about 5.9 miles and did around an 11.7 mile round trip from high up in the hills and had no significant incline to speak of because we connected to a section of the trail that had a significant incline with incredible views of the confluence of the Shenandoah River and Potomac River looking at both Virginia and West Virginia from the Weverton Cliffs in Maryland.  Here’s the approximate route.  We crossed over a half mile section of the trail we’d already completed because we wanted to see the Weverton Cliffs again, quite possible the best view on the Maryland section of the AT.

    The War Correspondent's Arch has several odd features and several touching ones including. There's what appears to be a sculpture of a scantily clad man in the rectangular slot on the left and also the names of a number of reporters who covered the Civil War. I don't suspect any of them worked for cable news channles.

  • An F’in Total Eclipse of the Moon: From The Natural Capital, the blog that certainly inspired this one, news of a total lunar eclipse on Monday, December 20, and where to watch it in the area.  The Natural Capital says “on Monday, December 20, there will be a total lunar eclipse, with the moon moving into the earth’s shadow. The next one won’t be until 2014. The eclipse will start about half an hour after midnight and last for about 70 minutes. You can watch from home, but if you want company, folks will be watching from the Montgomery College Planetarium with a telescope (or inside online if the weather is bad).”

    ANother pic of the arch with the requisite crosswalk that Civil War Correspondents used to avoid being hit in war hour traffic.

  • Zoo Steel:  The National Zoo has an annual tradition called called “Zoo Lights.”  The lady and I (the tramp) went last year and had a good time.  She decided to name a monkey lounging with a piece of straw in its mouth after her brother and sent him a picture to let him know.  But the lights were pretty nice too.  More info. is here but the basics are that it runs from now through January 1, 2011 every night except December 24, 25, and 31) and this year, as a holiday gift to the city, Friends of the National Zoo have made it free, which is a sweet bonus if you find it so nice you want to see it twice.

Experience Zoophoria under the zoo lights.

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