Trail Mix Picks–Celebrity Sightings and Outdoor Activities

After seeing Hair on the same evening that Tina Fey received her Mark Twain award at the Kennedy Center, we saw Fey, her husband, Betty White,  Jane Krakowski, and, could it have been–yes, it was former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf all in the same place.  It was fun seeing a great show and celeb spotting, but I’m slightly more excited to potentially finish the Maryland section of the Appalachian Trail this weekend or next, which, according to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, is one of the easiest sections.  Below you’ll find outdoor stuff about the seemingly everywhere Betty White an a hike in Virginia, the Tenleytown Heritage Trail, and the start of outdoor ice skating season in DC!

  • Betty White Loves Some Big, Hairy Animals in the Woods:  In case you missed it, 88 year old Golden Girl Betty White became an honorary Forest Ranger when she was in town this week for Tina Fey’s big Mark Twain Award at the Kennedy Center party.  White had said that she’d always wanted to be a Forest Ranger and that her mom and dad would have been over the moon had they been there.  She gave Smokey the Bear a hug and grinned uncontrollably while donning a signature Forest Ranger hat.  She added “I’m going to a wonderful celebration for Tina Fey this evening, and it’s a formal affair.  Do you think it would be alright if I wore my hat?”
Betty White Becomes an Honorary U.S. Forest Ranger. Seems like it was exciting for everyone involved.
  • Ice Skating to Begin in the Sculpture Garden:  Last year brought the National Gallery of Art‘s Sculpture Garden a melted ice rink when the machines broke down.  Get a jump start on everyone else by heading to the awesome rink just off the National Mall and in the middle of a sculpture garden starting this Saturday until mid-March.  Though it’s been roped off, when you’re posing for your obligatory ice skating photos, you can pretend it’s so cold the trees have frozen as well with the sculpture of a metallic-looking tree that I believe has concrete as its base.  Rentals and admission are about $10 per person for a two hour skate, cheaper than a movie.  More information can be found from the artsy wonders who bring you the Sculpture Garden Ice Skating and summer jazz here.

In a hat off later that day, Betty White was declared the winner over perrenial champion Smokey the Bear.

A Map of the new Tenleytown Heritage Trail
  • Guided Shenandoah State Park Hike:  If you need to get our of town Saturday, head out to the mountains for a guided hike at Shenandoah River State Park, a 1,600 acre expanse along the south fork of the river that offers scenic views of Massanutten Mountain and Shenandoah National Park. This will be a moderate-level hike of about 2.6 miles so bring plenty of water and wear a good pair of boots. November 13, 9:30am – 11am. Free with park entrance. Shenandoah River State Park. Bentonville, Virginia. Call (540) 622-6840 for more information.
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